The Benefits of Going Paperless

October 6, 2015
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May 8, 2017

What’s All This Talk About “Going Paperless”?

More and more, it seems like the whole world is going paperless… if you look at any bill received by mail you’re likely to find a web address that will lead you to a page to sign up for paperless billing.

Many companies are going much further than just billing, however. For some companies, the entire process of contracting work from quoting and estimating, to managing inventory, payroll, and billing is ditching the reams.

Often this is a frustrating transition for many involved, especially those who have been using paper documents for a long time.

So Why the (Often Painful) Switch?

Putting it bluntly: there is no place for paper in a computerized world… it is an obsolete technology, its time in the business world is past… plain and simple.
It seems pretty obvious that going paperless will save money, but few realize just how significant of a money-pit using paper to track records and handle data can be when compared to modern, digital methods.

While often expensive initially, the transition to paperless can have a significant ROI.

Computerized workflow management systems can:

  • Significantly reduce overhead costs
  • Allow for significantly faster turnaround time
  • Reduce errors
  • Improve employee efficiency
  • Expand capabilities in ways not before realized

A Look at the Facts.

A recent article published by states that one four-drawer file cabinet can:

  • Hold 15K-20K pages of paper
  • Cost $25,000 to fill
  • Cost $2,000 per year to maintain

Paper is a money-pit, and it’s often overlooked because it has been commonplace for so long. It’s a known fact that going paperless saves valuable time and money and improves efficiency… often the results show immediately.

To read the full article on, click here.

To find out how much money you could save by using this online Paperless Savings Calculator.

How Can We Help You Go Paperless?cmeinte

At CME, we’ve been helping you design your success online for over sixteen years.

With the newest branch of our company, CME Integrations, we can provide your business with fully customizable workflow management solutions that can be tailored to your very specific needs.
CME Integrations provides you and your company with a wide array of paperless options that can automate and streamline everything from billing and invoicing to payroll management, expense tracking, inventory management, and more. Utilizing cutting edge technology we can build a central workflow management system, automate your invoicing, input data directly from the field… the possibilities are nearly endless!

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