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Two CME Staffers Achieve Magento Certifications.

Magento Developer and Magento Front End DeveloperCME is proud to announce that James Dalby and Daniel Falk, two employees of our CME Integrations Division, have achieved Developer Certifications in the eCommerce platform Magento.

Magento, an award winning, worldwide leader in e-commerce systems is used by over 260,000 online business around the world, powering over $100 billion in transactions a year. Some of the world’s biggest brands use Magento for their eCommerce systems, including Coca Cola, Samsung, Olympus, Ford, Nike, and many more.

On April 30th, CME employees James Dalby and Daniel Falk attended a proctored exam at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and came away as newly certified Magento Developers. Jim acquired a rare Front End Developer Certification, and Dan demonstrated that he can skillfully use all business processes in Magento as a “back-end” architect.

Their certifications cover all versions of Magento 1.0, and they may both now use their valued credentials in marketing Magento services.

According to Magento U, there were previously only 16 certified Developers and 4 certified Front End Developers in PA. Mr. Dalby and Mr. Falk will soon have their names added to the rolls.

Demonstrated Magento Skills

Certified Magento Developers

Left to Right – James Dalby, Magento Front End Developer, Daniel Falk, Magento Back End Developer.

Dan and Jim have honed their skills working on one of CME’s current Magento projects, an eCommerce site for a national laboratory supply company. The site features a wide range of products from general chemistry supplies and specialty reagents to drug screening devices and immunalysis products.

To achieve the Front End Developer status, Jim had to demonstrate a thorough understanding of Magento’s theming components and the ability to skillfully modify the user interface.
His test covered templates, layouts, CSS, Javascript, and other components of the front end of a Magento site, including language translations.

To earn his Back End Developer certification, Dan demonstrated his knowledge of the business processes in Magento, including catalog structures, indexes, promotions, price generation logic, checkout architecture, payment & shipment methods, and more. He is capable of making design decisions on the code level, including import steps, how to parse data files, and data verification.

Worldwide, Magento is chosen for its highly flexible, customizable, and scalable ecommerce platform. Magento is quick and responsive, boasting robust reporting capabilities to help optimize sales. A rich API (application programming interface) means Magento can be integrated with many other web tools and systems, including Citrix’s cloud-based collaboration tool called Podio (another CME specialty).

Coveted Credentials

Qualified Magento Developers

A sweet reward for Dan and Jim on achieving their Magento Developer Certifications.

As there are less than 200 certified Magento Front End Developers nationwide and less than 400 Back End Developers, having such credentialed employees places CME in an excellent position to expand services by taking on enterprise level eCommerce projects for larger businesses.

CME President Jane Noel said “These certifications help to underscore both CME’s commitment to its customer base and to its employees. As a company, we are better positioned than ever to deliver world-class results for large eCommerce clients, and our continued growth helps ensure career paths for our dedicated employees.

At CME, our goal is to “Design Your Success Online.”  Interested in learning what CME could do for you?  Contact us today!  We look forward to hearing from you.