The Magic of Custom Software

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May 8, 2017
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August 23, 2017

How can custom software transform your business or organization into a powerhouse of success?

It’s a fair question.

No doubt you have a mental picture of a software team in action.  No doubt, it’s wrong.

Let’s start with how things work at CME Integrations.  Businesses do not come to us with well-considered RFPs and technical scope documents, eager for our software engineers to build the application that will take them to the next level.

No, it hardly ever works that way.  Instead, it starts with who we are.

At CME Integrations, we have a passion for helping businesses and non-profits succeed in their market space.  Everyone benefits when organizations are given the opportunity to excel at what they do, and our teams are energized by the opportunity to help.

It so happens that software engineering is the lever we use to move the world.

Our vision is to create innovative and expertly crafted software solutions for growing businesses and non-profits who are levering technology to achieve their goals.

We accomplish this by listening, learning, and engineering the right solution for each customer.

Learning from Relationships

Like mighty oaks from little acorns, at CME Integrations our biggest projects often start small, with a simple relationship, providing a simple service.  We might help solve a database problem, fix the shipping calculations on an e-commerce store, or create a backend user interface for a website developed by our CME Websites division.

Essentially, we welcome another company into our family of clients.  Then we listen, and we learn.  “How’s it going today?”   “Is your new project on track?”  “Still working weekends?”

At some point in the relationship, the big problems are easy to see.  And at some point in the relationship, we know we can contribute to fixing them, and our client does too.

In this way, we’ve approached issues like:

  • Creating QuickBooks integrations that save days of invoice processing time.
  • Automating agreements, proposals, and quotes that save many hours/month.
  • Solving double and triple data entry problems by having software systems share data.
  • Automating contact and follow up emails to keep clients informed more easily.
  • Designing nearly paperless workflows that save enormous costs in materials and supplies.

Imagine a non-profit that processes all purchase orders on paper, by hand – where even mileage reports are driven in from satellite offices to a central location.  CME can help by providing secure, cloud-based tools where all of the data is handled electronically, freeing staff to help the community instead of shuffling and storing paper.

Imagine a business where billable hours are manually typed out of project management software and into QuickBooks for invoicing.  Creating an integration that allows both systems to synch their data saves time and improves accuracy (80% time savings and 100% accuracy in data transfer).

Imagine a factory where orders still come in as hand-written notes, where data is translated from those notes and typed into 2 or sometimes 3 different systems for processing, where workers on the floor receive bundles of paper orders to process daily.  Designing a paperless workflow from order to fabrication and on to invoicing can break a bottleneck that allows production to thrive.

Why is CME Integrations Right for You?

At CME Integrations, our job is not to sell you the latest time-saving whiz-bang or organizational doodad.

Our job is to listen and learn about the problems that hold you back from reaching the stars.  We help you break bottlenecks and demolish roadblocks that are unique to your organization by creating innovative and expertly crafted software solutions with your special challenges in mind.

That’s what is magic about custom software.  It’s built on relationships and an understanding of your organization’s business processes.  Working from that foundation, we dedicate our skills and knowledge to help make your operation more effective, competitive, and profitable!

Interested in learning more?  Call to speak with one of our solution engineers today at 724-261-3738, or visit email