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CME Integrations Launches National Database
of Job Regulations

Jeannette, PA | Working with Saint Francis University in Loretto, PA, local software developer CME Integrations yesterday launched a national database of occupational regulations to be used by researchers, policy makers, and the public in understanding the impact of occupational licensing.

A launch party, held in the JFK Student Center at SFU, was attended by VIPs including Dr. Dick Carpenter, the Director of Strategic Research at the Institute for Justice and Dr. Morris Kleiner, whose work has been featured on CNN and who has been an adviser to the National Economic Council and the U.S. Council of Economic Advisers.

The new website,, is a project of the Center for the Study of Occupational Regulations at Saint Francis University, Shields School of Business. It is the brainchild of Edward J. Timmons, Ph.D., the Director of CSOR and was funded by a grant from the Koch Foundation.

The website will be used to keep abreast of news, events, and legislation in occupational regulations. More importantly, visitors will be able to select specific occupations and states to learn licensing regulations, educational requirements, application fees, and more related to their field of interest.

To start, the site has been uploaded with information on Healthcare Practitioners and Healthcare Support Occupations.

Occupational information affecting Veterans comes next, and then the site will continue to grow as researchers and Student Fellows devote themselves to organizing and adding job regulations on a national scale.


CME Integrations was chosen for the project because CME’s software engineers demonstrated innovative thinking in both feature development and user-interface design.


It was important to CSOR to get not only the public-facing website right, but the back-end database controls as well, as researchers at Saint Francis University will continually add and update information to keep the site relevant.

CME Integrations is a division of CME Websites, both located in Jeannette, PA.  Founded in 1999 and having launched over 500 web projects both locally and internationally, CME now employs some 16 designers, developers, writers, and software engineers and is continuing to grow at a rapid pace.








Informational resources/contacts

CME – contact Scot Noel, 724-523-3001 or

CSOR – contact Alanna Wilson, M.PS, Director of Public Relations, CSOR
814-472-2863 or