Podio to QuickBooks Online Integration

pod2quick-onlinePod2Quick Online is a web-based application that syncs your data from Podio to QuickBooks and vice versa. It also has an invoicing feature that allows you to push invoices from Podio into QuickBooks on an automated schedule.

  • Sync your client invoices from Podio directly into your QuickBooks Company.
  • Sync data like Customers, Items, Vendors, Employees and Accounts to eliminate double entry.
  • Easy setup.
  • Quick mapping process from Podio to QuickBooks.
  • Default values for many fields can be set for complete customization of your invoices.
  • Choose which QuickBooks invoice template to use.
  • Multiple validation processes so that only valid invoices are imported.
  • Invoice Numbers can be synced back into Podio to completely tie together your accounting processes.

Give us a call today at 724-523-3001 or visit online.pod2quick.com to see how to get Pod2Quick working for you.

Other QuickBooks Options

If you do not use QuickBooks Online, read about our QuickBooks Desktop Integration to see if it can help you.